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Soren Plesner Financial Knowhow is an independent consulting firm that offers financial training and consulting within risk management, investment management, securities analysis and related topics. 

Soren PlesnerSPFK Financial Knowhow is founded by Soren Plesner, CFA

Soren Plesner has been a partner at BASISPOINT and SimCorp and has held positions at IBM and Danske Bank.
He is an External Lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School and Chairman of the Professional Fund Corporate Bond Portfolio.

Soren Plesner has many years of experience in teaching and consulting on financial subjects such as securities analysis, risk management, asset allocation, portfolio management and asset-liability management. He has held courses at very large number of primarily financial institutions in a number of countries, including the US, Mexico, Germany, Scandinavia and a number of Central and Eastern European countries. He has also spoken on numerous conferences on topics such as financial risk management, financial regulation, and financial market developments.

Soren Plesner has also undertaken numerous consulting projects at banks, pension funds and other institutions. Recent projects have been related to the practical implementation of Basel II + III in banks and the risk management implications of Solvency II for pension funds.

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